Paid Search Marketing

When you’re running a paid advertising campaign, you want to know someone is closely monitoring it and is getting results. In as little as 5 days, we can have a finely tuned campaign sending highly targeted traffic to your website, making your phone ring and generating sales.

We will carefully research your market, select the right keywords, write compelling ads, and then aggressively manage your campaigns to ensure optimal performance. We are experts at what we do, so you can always expect the best results from your hard-earned and invested money. If you have an advertising budget of over $1000 dollars a month, we’d like to show you how you can use the Internet to get the most out of your marketing budget.

Our paid search marketing services include:

  • Keyword Research – We research and select the most profitable advertising “terms”.
  • Quality Score Assessment – We assess your Adwords quality score and help you improve it.
  • Clickable Ads – We make your ad descriptions capture your audience.
  • Multiple Ad Platforms – We offer multiple platforms such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and more.
  • Monthly Consultation – Includes R.O.I(Return on Investment) report and future projections.

Determining Success

We use advanced analytical tools that give us information down to the cent or percentage point of your campaign’s return on investment. Statistics include Click-through-rate, Cost-per-click, Conversion Ratio, and Cost Per Lead. We will show you ongoing performance so you always know your ROI. Paid Search Advertising is highly lucrative when you have the right team to work with. There are hundreds, even thousands of potential clients waiting to click your ads each month. Your customers are looking for you, are you ready to be found?


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